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Termes & Conditions

At Vip Limo limousine service Luxembourg any cancellation more than 48 hours before the pick-up is free. If the race is canceled between 48  hour and 24  hours before the start of the race, the cancellation fee is 50% of the amount of the race. In case of cancellation less than 24 hour before the start of the race, 100% of the amount of the race is invoiced.

VIP LIMO waiting conditions and delay guarantee depending on the range of reserved car, the reservation includes a few minutes of waiting of the Driver: In business class, the first 15 minutes of waiting are free and then charged  1€/ min.

In first class, the first 15 minutes of waiting are free and then charged 1,50 € / min.

VIP LIMO price of transport services is indicative and as such may remain subject to change due to the factual circumstances of the service (for example, and without being exhaustive, due to changes in timetables, changes in itineraries)

credit card fees 3% visa/mastercard 5% Amex.

All vip limo disposal service is charged garage to garage.

For a service at disposal, will be charged for minimum 3h.

All services from 08 pm until 08 am will be charged 10% business days and 25%  sunday.

At VIP Limousine service Luxembourg from the moment the user has validated the order as indicated above, the said order is firm and definitive.

Any order validated means the acceptance of the Indicative price, the carrier's price schedule according to the descriptions of the race or availability.

The Customer expressly authorizes Vip Limousine Luxembourg ​​to use the stripe system or any other system of his choice of secure online payment on the website for payment of any sums due by him for the services ordered.

the invoicing of the customer is made on the basis of the aforementioned definitive price of the service (including the possible penalty of delay) or, where applicable, on the basis of the cancellation penalty. 

The validation of the order by means of the credit card number, the expiry date and the cryptogram (figures of the supplementary number indicated on the resto or at the back of the card) constitute a mandate to pay that the payment server sends to the credit institution of the client. 

At Vip limousine service Luxembourg the customer agrees to behave in the vehicle and with respect to the driver with politeness, respect and courtesy and strictly respect all the safety rules imposed by the regulations or indicated by the driver. In the event of damage to the equipment or vehicle attributable to the customer or the passengers accompanying him, the latter will be required to reimburse VIP limo limousine Luxembourg and / or the driver for the costs of restoring the vehicle or damaged equipment. 

In the event that the liability of Vip limousine Luxembourg is incurred by the customer or the user as a result of a breach of one of its obligations under these GTC, the repair will only apply to damages direct, personal and some, with the express exclusion of compensation for any indirect damages and / or prejudice. 

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