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With our premium limousines, travel is more comfortable than ever.

Vip Limo can be rented as an hourly service or as a simple transfer, giving you a greater degree of flexibility to your day knowing that you have a driver at your disposal at all times wherever you are.

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Luxembourg limousine services
Luxembourg is a significant industrial hub in the globe and a prominent location for
international business visitors. Luxembourg is a wonderful city in a distinctive country
that draws its neighbors attention, yet keeps its distinctive culture and character.
Getting around such a busy metropolis may become frustrating, especially if you work
on time or under stress.
We promise to make your travel as easy and free of worry as possible by providing a
Luxembourg limousine service that will take you where you want to be. You will surely
discover a limousine that matches all of your demands and will reach your destination
comfortable, rejuvenated, and ready for the day before you need it. We have several
limousines you may pick from.

Rent a limousine to get around Luxembourg
Avoid long, unpleasant cab lines or attempting to understand an unexpected public
transport system. Your driver is ready to transport you to your destination when you
hire a trustworthy Luxembourg limousine service. Do you need trustworthy
transportation from your hotel to a meeting? For you, we will always be there. Would
you want to tour the city or shop between different locations? Our driver will be glad
to guide you and wait for you to explore. You may also be assured by our
professionally registered, English-speaking drivers at the helm of safe and trustworthy


Vip Limo Luxembourg as a full-service ground travel company, we can accommodate literally all your chauffeured service requests in Luxembourg, from Vip transportation and shuttle service for your or your guests in all around Europe if from Luxembourg or back to Luxembourg.

Perfectly understanding the needs of business travelers after 20 years we provide a professional transportation service and this in a flawless lineage.

 Vip Limo provide a completely personalized transportation solution for all your needs, and this 24/7.

We offers the most reliable and professional airport transfer service in Luxembourg and all European airports.

From the airport to your hotel or office, meeting or any other location of your choice, and vice versa.

Our chauffeur would escort you to one of our premium cars, while assisting you with all your needs upon arrival.

 Vip Limousine Luxembourg can provide a Vip transportation service at private jet airports.

A private flight signifies immediate departure without waiting or the regular flight disadvantages.

All our drivers are trilingual and know their job perfectly well.

At Vip Limo Luxembourg attention to detail is our philosophy and our main goal after 20 years.

We give 60 free minutes in the airport after flight arrival time, and 15 minutes after other locations.

No cancelation fee up to 48 hours before the service.

Rest assured with our Luxembourg door-to-door pick-up and drop-off at any time and everywhere all over the Europe.